The PIPC Family Ministries

PIPC is honored to have Michael Hodo as Director of Family Ministries and Community Outreach. Michael and his wife Sara have been married for 22 years and have eight beautiful children.  A retired fireman, Michael has devoted much the last 23 years to youth and family ministries. Michael’s desire for our ministries and the community is for families to grow together in the word and love of Jesus. With the PIPC family and youth ministries, he and his team are vey focused on captivating the hearts of our youth so that they will nurture and grow in their discipleship and their passion for Christ.



Our children’s ministry aims to give children a church home where they are called by name, discover discipleship, and grow in love of God and others.

Kids at church
Group gathered for activity


The PIPC Youth Ministries help our middle and high schoolers discover their love of service and passion for prayer. We aim to support our youth as they tackle the big questions of life and faith and help them cultivate their love for community and worship with open hearts.

College Study

The early years of young adulthood are a vital stage of development in everyone’s life. Following High School, our young adults often attend college, enter into the workforce or take time to travel and try new experiences. PIPC believes that in whatever a young adult chooses to do with these years, that they maintain a connection to the Church.

Our College Study ministry includes video study and zoom meetings intended to solidify their beliefs in Christianity and learn to defend what they believe through christian apologetics. For ore information about our College Study ministry, please contact Michael Hodo.

Women at bible study

Marriage and Parenting

We believe that the best thing you can do for your family relationships is to draw close to Christ. The PIPC Marriage and Parenting Ministry helps families prioritize Gd, live in harmony, and foster healthy habits. For more information about this ministry please contact Michael Hodo.