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Becoming A Member

Membership means joining an amazing group of believers. It means being engaged and involved the ways God is working in and through this church community. If you are interested in joining PIPC and for more information, please contact the church office at 843-237-4581, ext 21.

You can join Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church by one of the following methods:

Profession of Faith: A baptized person makes a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Certificate of Transfer: A person who is a member of another Christian Church asks for a letter of transfer.

Reaffirmation of Faith: A person is asked to reaffirm his or her faith in Jesus Christ.

Baptism: A person who has not been baptized does so by making public his or her profession of faith and receiving baptism after instruction and examination by the Session.

Affiliate Member: A person who is a member of another church, but temporarily spends time in Pawleys Island and wishes to be officially connected to Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church, can do so while maintaining membership at their present church.


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